General Practice Education Programme

This practice has been accredited by the Royal New Zealand College of General Practitioners as a teaching practice for general practice registrars.  GP registrars are doctors who have already completed at least eight years of medical training and are going on to specialise in general practice.

They come to this practice for a six-month period to get practical experience under the supervision of Dr Chris Wong, Dr John Caldwell and Dr Joanna Lang.  Our current registrar is Dr Verity Stirling.

Patients may be offered an appointment with the registrar.  If you decide to consult with the registrar you are making an important contribution to the education of New Zealand doctors and we appreciate your support.  However, the choice to see the registrar is entirely voluntary and you are always free to see your own doctor if you prefer.

Your comments about the General Practice Education Programme are welcome directly to us or to:

The General Practice Education Programme.  The Royal New Zealand College of General Practitioners PO Box 10440, Wellington 6143


Quick Clinic is available between 2 pm and 5.45 pm Monday – Friday and 9 am – 11.30 am Saturdays. You will see the nurse for an initial assessment. Depending on the priority of your assessment you may be asked to book an appointment for another day to see your usual GP.

To reduce wait times, guidelines for Quick Clinic are as follows:

• ACUTE, QUICK appointments only.
• ONE issue only. If you have more than one issue, you may be advised to make an appointment on another day.
• NO WINZ or ACC medical certificates. NO routine medical check ups. Appointments are required for these.
• Your accident/illness will be triaged by a nurse first.
• Urgency takes priority therefore, you may not necessarily be seen in the order you came in.
• If your request is NOT URGENT or QUICK, you may be advised by the nurse to make an appointment for another day.
• We will endeavor to keep you updated on wait times however, if you feel you have been waiting too long, please see reception.


If you have visited the doctor within 3 years, you are required to update your enrolment (by signing an enrolment form) to remain enrolled and receive subsidised fees.  Casual fees apply if the enrolment has not been updated.

When enrolling, you will be required to show proof for eligibility by presenting a copy of photo ID documentation i.e. passport, or birth certificate with drivers licence.

If you move overseas, please see reception and arrange to collect your notes or, ask your new medical centre to arrange your medical notes to be transferred to them directly.

Please advise our receptionist of any change of contact details or other information.

Thanks for your support and cooperation.