The Doctors see patients at the medical centre by appointment. The reception staff are on duty Monday to Friday, 8.00am to 6.00pm. Appointments are available from 8.30am to 5.00pm.

When asking for an appointment, please advise us if your need is urgent or complex so that a shorter or longer time may be arranged.

Please Note: We are unable to give clinical advice or make appointments via email.



Every afternoon Monday to Friday we have a “Quick Clinic” doctor for urgent problems for patients who are unable to get an appointment on the same day with their usual Doctor.

The afternoon and Saturday morning clinics are a ‘’drop in’’ service with no appointment required, however this can mean a longer waiting time depending on demand.  The Saturday morning "Quick Clinic" is for enrolled patients only

You will see the nurse for an initial assessment. Depending on the priority of your assessment you may be asked to book an appointment for another day to see your usual GP.


Quick Clinic is available between:

Monday to Friday:  2.00pm - 5.45pm

Saturdays:  9.00am - 11.30am


To reduce wait times, guidelines for Quick Clinic are as follows:

• ACUTE, QUICK appointments only.

• ONE issue only. If you have more than one issue, you may be advised to make an appointment on another day.

• NO WINZ or ACC medical certificates. NO routine medical check ups. Appointments are required for these.

• Your accident/illness will be triaged by a nurse first.

• Urgency takes priority therefore, you may not necessarily be seen in the order you came in.

• If your request is NOT URGENT or QUICK, you may be advised by the nurse to make an appointment for another day.

• We will endeavor to keep you updated on wait times however, if you feel you have been waiting too long, please see reception.


Alternatively you can use our online service to request a script here.

After Hours Care

WestCare White Cross has been established to provide an after hours service for you. It is open 24 hours and is located at 131 Lincoln Rd Henderson.
Ph (09) 836 3336

Waitakere Hospital has an emergency department that is currently open - 24 hours - 7 days each week.

Ambulance Emergency
Dial 111