No scalpel vasectomy surgery is performed by Dr Chris Wong. A pre-op consultation is required. The current operation fee is $430 inc GST. Please check cover with private insurance if applicable. Some patient may be eligible for public funding via our PHO.

For more infomation download the vasectomy information sheet.

Accident and Urgent Services

Whenever possible contact us first in an accident or urgent medical problem. We are equipped with treatment rooms and a nurse triage service. If the problem cannot be managed by the doctors, then our description of the type and extent of the injury or acute problem can help in your referral to the appropriate hospital department.

Cervical Smears Recalls

Cervical smears are recommended for all women who have ever been sexually active. They should be done regularly between ages 20 and 70 years. We have a recall service that will send you a reminder if your smear is overdue.

Community services

In the community there are many back-up services for primary health care. These include the District Nurse, the West Auckland Hospice, Public Health Nurses, Plunket, Maori Health providers, Meals on Wheels etc. The doctor or practice nurse can refer you to these services if required.

Family Planning

Advice and treatment is available for all aspects of fertility, contraception and vasectomy on site.

Home Visits

Non-urgent home visits are available during the day if you are too unwell to come to the surgery. Please phone the nurse early in the morning to arrange this. There is an extra fee for this service. The practice will consider home visit requests within a 5 km radius of the practice at the discretion of the GP.


The Centre provides a full immunisation service for well infants and children according to the FREE immunisation schedule - no appointment is needed.

For Adults - travel vaccines are available following a Doctors assessment and recommendation.

Influenza Vaccination is free to persons over 65 years and those with approved health conditions.


Monday to Friday:  8.30am - 5.00pm

Saturday:  9.00am - 11.00am


Mammograms are recommended for all women between the ages of 40 to 70 years, especially those with a family history of breast cancer. BreastScreen Aotearoa provides FREE mammography for women aged between 45 and 70 years. We will send you a reminder if your mammogram is overdue.


Insurance Medicals, immigration medical examinations, general check ups and diving examinations are available - these will require a longer appointment.

Nursing Services

A Nurse is available to handle telephone enquiries and give brief advice on health matters.

For enquiries regarding results of laboratory investigations and X-rays etc. Please phone between

8.30am-11.30am and 2.00pm-4.00pm


Ratanui Pharmacy is linked to our medical practice, and can provide ALL your prescription requirements.

Prescription service

Where you have stable long-term conditions, then your ongoing prescription may be obtained by telephone or email. As part of your ongoing care most regular repeat prescriptions will require you to see the nurse for following your care - e.g. for blood pressure or lung function checking.
For some repeat prescriptions, patients are required to have a consultation with their doctor every 6 months in order to continue their medication. Our nurses will advise when a patient needs to see the doctor.

You may E-mail requests to: or fax requests to: (09) 837 5574.

If emailing, please provide your name, date of birth and the exact name, dose and quantity of the medication then you require. There is a charge for all repeat prescriptions. There is an extra surcharge of $5 for prescriptions that are faxed to a pharmacy, or that are required on the same day after 2.00pm.


Auckland Radiology provides an X-Ray, Ultrasound and Bone density service in the adjacent building, easily accessible from the car park.

Recall reminders

Preventing ill health is an aim of modern general practice. Prevention can be easily overlooked, and for this reason we are able to send you reminder “recalls” for various checkups.


A consultant opinion for further care is often needed and a referral letter is important to provide the medical details of your problem and your past history. Your doctor is your expert who is usually the best person to judge the need for a specialist opinion, and the most appropriate specialist or clinic for the problem.

Surgical Procedures

Minor surgery available includes removal of moles, skin lumps, skin cancers, ingrown toe nails and Vasectomies. These operations require a double appointment.

Terminal Illness Care

When patients and family wish to spend their last days at home, we provide a home visiting when needed, and assist the caring team of family, friends, district nurses and Hospice nurses. We work closely with the West Auckland Hospice, Cancer Society and the District Nurses.

Other Services Available

• Antenatal care - attending midwife Lorraine Milne.
• Asthma education.
• Audiograms - hearing screening, ear suction, ear irrigation.
• Cardiovascular risk assessments.
• Diabetes Management with our trained nurses.
• ECG cardiographs.
• Fracture management and plaster casting.
• Liquid nitrogen skin treatment.
• Lung function testing – spirometry.
• Mental Health care with Psychiatrist and Psychologist.
• Smoking cessation and weight management clinics.
• Tympanograms - testing for glue ear.
• Well woman checks.
• Nurse cervical smear clinics.